My Christmas Vacation in Cabo

Every year my family tries to do a trip together. With crazy work schedules and tow siblings in college and even the youngest in elementary school, making time for these sort of trips is really, really hard!  So typically we do a family Christmas Vacation. We’re not quite the Griswald family, but we could be close. (If you don’t understand the reference I insist you watch Christmas Vacation ASAP!)

This last year we did our trip to Cabo, Mexico. Nothing like getting away from the cold winter weather in the USA, and spending your day on the beach with a margarita on hand.


Playa Santa Maria      


The sister

My family stayed at a time share from WorldMark called Coral Baja in San Jose del Cabo. You can see more information on this resort here 

The resort was right on the beach and had a pool that we pretty much spent all of our time at. We of course did go out to explore a bit of Cabo during our stay.

One of my favorite things about going to Cabo was all of the tacos. I love fish tacos to be exact. I can’t tell you how many times I ordered them while there. You can get them at pretty much any restaurant in Cabo. Two of the restaurants that my family went to were El Squid Roe and Flora Farms.

El Squid Roe is in Cabo San Lucas. This is where more of the nightlife is. This restaurant is both a place to eat and then later in the night turns into a full out club. The staff here does a really great job trying to keep customers entertained with synchronized dances and giving everyone balloon hats.


My family with our crazy hats (sorry for the poor lighting)


Dad and Brother

Probably my favorite place that we ate at was Flora Farm. This is a bit of a drive away from where we were staying, but it was such a beautiful place with delicious food presented to you in what looked like art. Well worth the drive and a complete opposite experience from El Squid Roe. This place gave off a more elegant vibe and had great service with the staff making sure that you were well taken care of. You can see their menu and all that they offer here.


Brothers Birthday Celebratory dinner


Lots of candles, lots of glare :/

My family loves to go snorkeling when we are near the ocean. We always bring snorkel gear with us when snorkeling is available in the areas we travel too. I love being able to explore the ocean and see all the beauty that it has to offer. Even though i’m terrified of sharks.

We went snorkeling at Playa Santa Maria. It’s a fairly excluded beach. The sand is a bit rocky and hard to walk on barefoot, so if you ever visit, make sure you bring proper footware! I can’t stress that enough. It was great location to swim with the fishes and see the beauty of the sea.


The youngest sibling



One of my favorite things that I did on this trip was Parasailing. That’s right I went parasailing on the ocean! Such a fun and wonderful experience that I was able to share with my sister. If any of you ever think about going, just do it! It’s a lot slower of a lift up then you would expect and it’s an almost peaceful experience being in the sky and seeing the beach and the water below you.




Cabo with the family was a blast and  I wish I had much more to share with you all! Unfortunately Meraki was not even a thought at the time of this trip.

Share with me your experiences if you have been to Cabo! What were your favorite spots??

Chao Beautifuls!

My life with a full time job and a case of wanderlust

I have a full time job and I love it. I’m an Event Services Manager and I work on so many different events that there’s always something different going on. I get to work on concerts, sporting events, conventions, Sundance Film Festival and more. Needless to say, my job keeps me VERY busy. And I happen to have started this project, Meraki Planning.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.18.00 PM

You could say I’m a bit ambitious. Maybe overly so, but I have a lot of dreams and goals that I’m determined to reach. Among all of this though, I have an extreme case of wanderlust. I daydream about visiting new places all the time. I hope to one day be able to fully combine the two, but until then I do what I can to travel.

I’m lucky enough that I get a full three weeks of vacation time with my company. Not many people in the USA get as much time. Some are lucky to get two weeks. Now the difficult part of using my time off is timing it right. My schedule is so busy that I have to often wait for a slower month to take my vacations. But I do it. I feel that more Americans NEED to take advantage of their vacation times. They need that time to step away from work and relax a bit. I fully believe it is essential to our health.

I am the type of person that almost constantly needs change. I typically take it out in my hair. One thing I love about working in the event industry is that although things can be similar, each event is different. I also don’t like to stay in one spot for too long. I can get very restless, hence the daydreaming of new adventures.

Untitled design

So how do I make my full time job and travel work?

I plan.

I save money.

I check kayak explore and Skyscanner regularly for deals.

I keep track of my work schedule and what months are the least busy.

I’m flexible on location.

I realize that I don’t always need to go far for a new adventure.

All of these factors help me to make travel work for me while I continue to work full time at a job I genuinely enjoy and do not want to give up. Is it hard? hell yes. But it is so worth it. A BIG part of making travel work with a full time job is prioritizing. This goes along with saving mostly. But if you want to make travel work, you need to prioritize what is important to you. Is it buying a coffee everyday, saving for a new gaming system, going to the bars every weekend, or going on new adventures and experiencing new cultures. If you make something a priority you can reach it.

My next trip will be coming up soon. I’m going to Reykjavik, Iceland for my first ever solo adventure! I will be sure to keep you lovelies posted on my travels.

How do you manage to travel with a job? Or did you quit your job to travel the world? Share your stories below :)

Chao Beautifuls!

An open letter in light of recent events

Tragedy has struck the world again. Evil sought to terrorize, and I feel sorry for you, those that have caused such pain. My heart is heavy and it aches for you. It aches for the people of Belgium. It aches for Europe. It aches for the world. It aches for all those whom your violent, mindless act of hate have affected. I could respond the way you want me to.. the way that some may feel inclined to.. but I do not feel fear. I do not feel hatred. All I feel is an overwhelming sense of sympathy and sadness. But I also feel hope.

I feel sympathy for the souls who were corrupted by the greed and power of selfish men who falsely proclaim that they are serving “a higher power”. They serve nothing more than their egos and corrupt hearts. I feel sympathy for these people who committed these acts, that their own lives meant so little to them, and were consumed by self hatred and hatred of the world to the point of needing to hurt innocents. You believed these men who prayed on your weaknesses, and gained your trust. Who recruited you to do their dirty work. You were nothing more than a pawn to serve their greed. And I feel sorry for you. Most of all, I feel sympathy for your families, who will not only be forever tainted and associated with your actions, but also lost a loved one. My heart goes out to them.

No, I will not hate you. I refuse to live in fear. As surely that is what your actions have striven to do. I will live each day as the gift that it is. I will explore more of the world and its cultures. I will continuously educate myself. I will strive to help others and make this world a better place.

I do not believe in what you stand for. I will forever believe in the power of unity, love, hope, and respect. I will believe that even when evil rears its ugly head, that the beauty of humanity will shine through. The good in humankind  will always overcome.

My heart is with Brussels. It is with the World.


Fitting a workout into a busy schedule and why it’s necessary

I can go on for hours about why working out is important. I can also list off all the ways I try to avoid it. BUT this is for those super hectic days, weeks, even months where it seems like we just don’t have the time to focus on our health and working out. And when we do have those moments of downtime, all we can think about doing is relaxing or getting those extra z’s. I am definitely more than guilty of this. I fall off the workout wagon time and time again. But I’ve seen what a busy schedule and traveling without worrying about fitness has done to both my health and my body. It makes me grumpy, self-conscious, laziness sets in, and just a feeling of constantly being tired. None of these work well when you are busy. This is why even though I fall off the fitness ladder, I keep getting back on and putting in effort to make it work into my schedule.

Here are a few reasons why you should make the extra effort to squeeze in a workout even when you are super, crazy busy.

workout while busy

And I know, I KNOW, that just because you know something is good for you doesn’t make it any easier to follow through with.

Let me tell you friends, Pinterest is your best friend when you are looking for a quick workout. You do not need to fit in a crazy workout! That is the key to making this work when you are busy! While it is ideal to get a whole hour in if you can, sometimes it’s just not doable. That’s when you need Pinterest. You can find a ton of workouts, and you don’t even need to hit up the gym. If Pinterest isn’t your thing, there’s always youtube. There are many, many fitness bloggers and youtubers who post quick workout videos. My personal favorite is Blogilates. Don’t know what that is? You better check it out here. By far my favorite place to find a quick workout.

In the end it’s up to you to make a workout fit into your schedule. And some people don’t ever feel the need to workout which is completely fine as everyone is different. But for those who are like me that notice a difference in their mood and energy, we need to focus on making something work.

What are ways you stay healthy or workout when you are on a tight schedule? What works best for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below :)

Chao Beautifuls!