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An open letter in light of recent events

Tragedy has struck the world again. Evil sought to terrorize, and I feel sorry for you, those that have caused such pain. My heart is heavy and it aches for you. It aches for the people of Belgium. It aches for Europe. It aches for the world. It aches for all those whom your violent, mindless act of hate have affected. I could respond the way you want me to.. the way that some may feel inclined to.. but I do not feel fear. I do not feel hatred. All I feel is an overwhelming sense of sympathy and sadness. But I also feel hope.

I feel sympathy for the souls who were corrupted by the greed and power of selfish men who falsely proclaim that they are serving “a higher power”. They serve nothing more than their egos and corrupt hearts. I feel sympathy forΒ these people who committed these acts, that their own lives meant so little to them, and were consumed by self hatred and hatred of the world to the point of needing to hurt innocents. You believed these men who prayed on your weaknesses, and gained your trust. Who recruited you to do their dirty work. You were nothing more than a pawn to serve their greed. And I feel sorry for you. Most of all, I feel sympathy for your families, who will not only be forever tainted and associated with your actions, but also lost a loved one. My heart goes out to them.

No, I will not hate you. I refuse to live in fear. As surely that is what your actions have striven to do. I will live each day as the gift that it is. I will explore more of the world and its cultures. I will continuously educate myself. I will strive to help others and make this world a better place.

I do not believe in what you stand for. I will forever believe in the power of unity, love, hope, and respect. I will believe that even when evil rears its ugly head, that the beauty of humanity will shine through. The good in humankind Β will always overcome.

My heart is with Brussels. It is with the World.



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