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What happens in Vegas

Las Vegas is known as the city to party, gamble and do things that are generally not considered ‘normal’. A city with plenty to do and see, you will not find yourself having a dull moment.


I went to sin city to for the weekend to celebrate my baby sis’s 21st birthday. Needless to say you can’t go wrong with celebrating in Vegas. Unless you decide to reenact ‘The Hangover’, which luckily for us there were no similar instances on this occasion, well other than staying at Caesar’s Palace… “This isn’t the real Caesar’s Palace is it?”

Living in Salt Lake City, I made the 6 hour drive south to meet up with my sister who flew in from her school. Let me tell you, that drive by yourself gets old real fast, but is MUCH cheaper and well worth it compared to spending the money on a flight down. Besides, my fellow Utahns know that a weekend drive to Vegas is almost a right of passage and considered a norm.

Friday Night 

For this shindig, we stayed at Caesar’s Palace. We got a pretty great deal off Kayak.

With my sister’s flight getting in pretty late, we jumped right into the nightlife. We went to OMNIA, a club in Caesar’s Palace, chosen for convenient location and the fact that Calvin Harris was one of the DJ’s for the night. We couldn’t pass that up.



Flyer handed out for the event


It was a fun night. And if you ever get the chance to see Calvin Harris live, it is well worth it. My sister and I danced the night away, indulged in a few pricey Vegas drinks, and had a blast. To read my review on OMNIA night club in Las Vegas click here. I further explain my thoughts on the club, ticket options, and the atmosphere.


We didn’t waste any time on Saturday with sleeping in. No time for that sort of nonsense when there’s so much to do.

I had made reservations at Border Grill for Brunch at Mandalay Bay. I had mistaken the distance away from Caesar’s this place was and we had started off walking. After a quick check with the gps on our phones, we realized we were in for a 2 mile walk.Mandalay happens to be towards the end of the strip. If you’re in a hurry and have to make a reservation, it may be worth catching a quick taxi.

We still made the walk, getting there just in time. But man oh man, it was well worth it. Border Grill is a Mexican style restaurant and served a tapas style brunch. They also offer bottomless mimosas, because its Vegas and perfectly acceptable to drink that much at 10am.  I cannot say enough good things about this place. I will be soon posting a review on this awesome place.



After our 2 hour long brunch, we took a MUCH slower walk back through the Strip. It wouldn’t be a trip to Vegas without stopping at M&M world and spending way too much money on m&m’s, or making a visit to the Coca-Cola world store and trying out their around the world soda flavors. For only about $9 how can you pass that up? It was interesting to see what’s popular in other countries.


We also made a stop at the New York New York hotel to go on the roller coaster. Considering how pricey Vegas is, for $14 a ride, it’s well worth going on at least once. Although my family tends to make it a habit to go on it every time we’ve been to Vegas. My favorite time to go is at night so you can see all the lights on the strip during the ride, but the lines are shorter during the day.

Another stop we made was to see the Paris tower at the Paris hotel. It’s a much smaller version of actual Paris’s Eiffel Tower. You have the option to ride up an elevator to the top to get an amazing view of the strip.

I’ll admit, after the early wake up and little amount of sleep, we did indulge in a bit of a power nap to refuel for the night.

We started off the night getting mixed drinks from Fat Tuesday’s in the Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops. You can purchase various sized cups that you can walk around Vegas with, which is exactly what we did. Drinks in hand, we browsed some of the many fancy shops in the Forum before heading to dinner.

If you haven’t heard of Serendipity, I highly recommend you add it to your Vegas bucket list. While the food off the dinner menu was sub-par and a bit pricey for what you’re getting (my opinion), their desserts are where it’s at! They have loads of Sundae options and are known for their frozen hot chocolates. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you need to make this a stop on your Vegas trip.


My sister and I split this sundae ^ the Forbidden Broadway Sundae. It had both vanilla and chocolate ice cream and was paired with a slice of rich chocolate cake. Mmm mmm good.

We ended our final night with a bit of gambling and hanging out at the bars in the hotel.

I am not personally much of a gambler. I hate losing money, although I think most would agree they feel the same way. I broke even on this trip, my sister hit lucky on her very first try at the slot machines. Now if only all of us had the same luck.

We got a bit dressed up but overall kept to a pretty casual night in comparison to Friday. It was still a lot of fun, and plenty of people watching to be done from the bar areas.


There’s so much to be done when in Vegas! Have you been planning to go at some point? If you’ve been there before, tell me about your experiences! Be sure to check out my reviews and look out for my list of things to see and do when in Vegas. Chao Beautifuls!


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